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Tutoring, Writing and Research Services

Company provides professional tutoring, writing and research services to its clients, ranging from individuals students to well recognised businesses and originations. Company’s tutors and researchers are well qualified in their fields with the relevant long standing professional and tutoring experience. Company keeps its rates competitive while providing non-compromised quality services. Company has extensive database to access for its clients which covers most of the main subjects.

We provide tutoring, writing and research services in the following fields:

Law, Politics, Accounting and Finance, ACCA, Computer Sciences, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Embedded systems, Computer Engineering & Networking, Business Management, Math’s, English, Journalism, Economics, Sociology

Courses and Subjects covered:

Law – LLB, LLM, GDL, LPC, BPTC, PhD, adult learners


Further Courses:

How it works: Aims and Objectives

To start, we need to identify:

> Your academic goals

> Your preferred learning methods

> Your strengths and weaknesses

> Your understanding of effective exam and course work techniques, in particular your methods of responding to common sorts of questions

In order to prepare you for excellent grades we also require examining your course materials:

> Module outlines

> Your past exam papers

> Lecture & Seminar handouts

> Coursework Briefs

This can be done in a convenient way through email, on the phone or with a free appointment at the office.

Planning and Scheduling

After understating your aims and objectives, we together:

> Plan and schedule your lessons the way you prefer provided the availability of tutors.

> Student takes lessons on prepaid or pay as you go basis, or both.

> Learn at our offices, mutual agreed place, online or at home.

> Decide exam topics before time and only take lessons on topics that will be relevant for exam.

> A normal student selects 5-7 topics each exam and takes one class per topic.


> Cover one-off topics or advance through a complete course

> How you want to structure your lessons is ultimately your choice

> Tutors will regularly try to focus your time that how to perform effectively for your exams and course works

> Frequency of your lessons and duration will be decided between you and tutor

Coursework Assistance

> Detailed assistance with coursework (assignments, reports, essays, proposals and dissertations)

> Planning, Research and Structure

> Sample coursework

Exam Preparation

We prepare and train you:

> How to execute an exam which is students’ main objective

> To focus on the methods, structures and techniques

> To work on topics selection, problem question methods, essay writing techniques and research method.

> We always focus to put the maximum time possible to train you for exam within your timetable, we believe the more you enhance your knowledge of law with good methods in answering the questions, the better outcome will be.

All our tutors are highly experienced. We are available 7 days a week to discuss your options that how we might be able to help.

Call us or arrange an appointment at our offices

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